2020-2021 Catalog

MTH-120 General Education Mathematics

This survey course is designed to help students develop competency in problem analysis and problem solving, in multi-step decision making, and quantitative reasoning. The course focuses on mathematical reasoning and the solution of real-life problems involving mathematics. Written projects are an integral part of this course. Scientific calculators will be used as a tool in decision making. The course covers three or four of the following topics in depth: counting techniques and probability, game theory, graph theory, linear programming, logic/set theory, mathematics of finance, and statistics. This course is not intended as a prerequisite for any other course in math and is not intended for engineering or science majors. Its primary goal is to help the general liberal arts student gain the level of numerical literacy and problem-solving skill necessary to become an educated citizen. (3 contact hours)




2 years of high school math including algebra and appropriate placement test score, or MTH-096 or MTH-098 with a minimum grade of "C"



IAI Code

M1 904