2015-2017 Catalog

Programs and Services to Support Student Learning

As a comprehensive community college, Moraine Valley is dedicated to helping adults achieve their academic goals. A variety of services and programs, both credit and noncredit, is available to students.

Academic Outreach Provides courses at the Education Center at Blue Island and Southwest Education Center, as well as assistance to students who want to receive college credit through nontraditional methods such as CLEP, APL and Proficiency Credit. (708) 974-5710, morainevalley.edu/academicoutreach

Academic Skills Center Free tutoring is available to currently enrolled students. The center provides assistance in most academic subjects with a special focus on math, science and term paper design. In addition, the center hosts Compass test workshops that prepare potential Moraine Valley students for the placement test. (708) 974-5746

Achieved Prior Learning (APL) APL is a way for students to earn college credit for what they already know from prior learning or work experience. Faculty members assess the prior learning of enrolled Moraine Valley students through written examination, oral interview and/or performance test. (708) 974-5710, morainevalley.edu/academicoutreach

Adult Basic Education (ABE) The ABE Program teaches basic skills that adults need to prepare for GED instruction and college coursework. Classes provide instruction in reading, writing and mathematics. (708) 974-5340, morainevalley.edu/abeged

Center for Advanced Studies This center brings four-year and graduate courses and degrees to the Moraine Valley campus. The center hosts degree programs offered by public and private colleges and universities. (708) 974-5290

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) CLEP, the College Level Examination Program, is the most widely accepted credit-by-examination program in the country. More than 2,800 accredited institutions of higher education award credit for satisfactory scores on CLEP examinations. Each 90-minute examination allows you to demonstrate your knowledge in a wide range of subjects. You are recognized and rewarded for what you know, no matter how or where you learned it—in school, on the job, or through your own reading, observation and independent study. CLEP can help you get the college credits you need to reach your career and educational goals more quickly. A CLEP exam cannot be used to complete a grade of “I” or “W,” or to repeat a course for a higher grade. (708) 974-5710, morainevalley.edu/academicoutreach

Cooperative Programs Moraine Valley has cooperative agreements with several area community college districts. These agreements allow Moraine Valley district residents to enroll in occupational programs not currently offered by Moraine Valley.

Dual Credit High school students enrolled in selected classes, offered and taught at the high school, may receive college credit from Moraine Valley. This option is available for approved high school Career and Technical (CTE), Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors courses. The typical high school student enrolled is either a junior or a senior. For more information, please contact the Student Success Center, (708) 974-5643 morainevalley.edu/dualcredit

Education Center at Blue Island The Moraine Valley Education Center at Blue Island, 12940 S. Western Ave., offers credit and noncredit classes during the day, evening and Saturdays. (708) 974-5300, morainevalley.edu/blueisland

English as a Second Language (ESL) English as a Second Language courses are offered for students whose native language is not English. Students learn basic interpersonal communication skills in English. Listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills are taught in an integrated manner, and as these skills improve, students move from beginning to advanced levels. Credits earned in the English as a Second Language Program are nonacademic and are not applied to certificates or degrees. (708) 974-5340, morainevalley.edu/abeged

General Educational Development (GED) The GED Program offers students an alternative to earning a high school diploma. It prepares adults who have not completed a high school education to prepare for the GED exam. The subjects covered are English, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and the U.S./Illinois Constitution. (708) 974-5340, morainevalley.edu/abeged

Honors Program The Honors Program is based on a university-transfer curriculum in the areas of liberal arts and sciences. The class sizes are smaller than regular classes, and creative learning strategies are utilized. Courses vary by semester and involve deeper insights into the subject matter. Honors courses are indicated on the transcripts. Admission into the program is based on new students meeting two of the following criteria: high school GPA of 3.2, ACT score of 25 or SAT score of 1050, graduation in top 10 percent of class, and completion of one AP course with a grade of A or B or AP score of 4. Current students must meet the following criteria: 3.2 GPA and completion of nine credit hours or recommendation of your instructor. (708) 608-4191, morainevalley.edu/honorsprogram

Illinois Virtual Campus The college is a participant in the Illinois Virtual Campus, a program that assists students to locate, enroll, and study at baccalaureate and graduate institutions across the state via a variety of distance learning formats, including the Internet. Visit the Illinois Virtual Campus site at ivc.illinois.edu to review the catalog of offerings and participating institutions.

Intensive English Language Program This special academic program is designed to serve students whose native language is not English and who are interested in improving their English skills in order to enroll in college. Potential students must possess basic academic English language processing skills that allow for sufficient classroom communication and an understanding of materials. A separate assessment is required for entry into the program. The Intensive English Language Program contains all of the course prerequisites for COM-101. (708) 974-5340, morainevalley.edu/abeged

Literacy Volunteer Program This program addresses the needs of adults who want to learn to read or improve in basic reading, writing and mathematics skills. Trained volunteer tutors provide individualized basic skills instruction for all enrolled students, Tutoring services are provided at local libraries, community centers and the college. Tutor training is required. (708) 974-5331

Moraine Area Career System (MACS) The MACS consortium consists of the six high school districts within the Moraine Valley region and Moraine Valley Community College. The vision of MACS is to provide all students with the opportunity to develop a seamless career pathway and to acquire advanced academic, technical and workplace skills that link education and business.

Through collaborative efforts between the high schools, the college and the MACS Office, an emphasis is placed on career and technical preparation that will help equip students not only for careers but also for their future as lifelong learners. Programs coordinated through MACS include career awareness activities and various initiatives related to nontraditional careers, workplace skills, career development, and work-based learning. For further information, contact Suzanne Kendryna, assistant director of MACS, 4625 W. 107th St., Oak Lawn, IL 60453, (708) 422-6230, kendryna@macspartnership.com.

Online Learning (708) 974-5347, online.morainevalley.edu.

Internet Courses — Courses are taught using the Internet. Students access materials, participate in discussions, and interact with the instructor using an Internet-enabled computer. Students must have basic computer skills, learn independently, and use their Moraine Valley email address.

Internet Hybrid Courses— Students come to campus for a significant portion of the class, but complete the majority of activities using the Internet. Students must plan to come to campus for class meetings. Students also must have basic computer skills, learn independently, and use their Moraine Valley email address.

Internet Enhanced Courses— Students are expected to come to campus for all class meetings and use the Internet to supplement face-to-face class activities.

Proficiency Credit Proficiency credit allows qualified students to convert vocational or noncredit courses or professional examination certificates to college credit. Proficiency credit is presently available in Automotive Technology, Criminal Justice, Emergency Medical Services, Fire Services, Food Service Sanitation, Heating and Air Conditioning, Networking Technology, Office Systems and Applications, Restaurant/Hotel Management, and Security Services. If you think you are eligible for proficiency credit, contact Academic Outreach to arrange an evaluation. (708) 974-5710, morainevalley.edu/academicoutreach

Southwest Education Center The center in Tinley Park offers credit and noncredit classes during the day, evening and Saturdays. (708) 974-5400, morainevalley.edu/swec