2019-2020 Catalog


Moraine Valley’s courses meet a variety of students’ needs. Not all courses are offered every year. See the subdivision dean or the department chair for information on courses that are offered on a rotational basis. Some courses are also offered using flexible learning options as described below.

Online Courses
These courses have section numbers 300-349. An online course uses a learning management system via the Internet to deliver content, facilitate communication (e.g. faculty-student and student-student), collect student work, and assess student performance. An online course may require trips to campus or a proctored test site. For the most current information about flexible learning options, available courses, to determine if online learning is right for you, and to register, visit the online learning website.

Hybrid Courses

These courses have section numbers 350-399. In a hybrid course, face-to-face class sessions are reduced by providing a significant portion of the instruction in a learning management system via the Internet. Hybrid courses have learning activities that must be completed via the Internet as well as class sessions that require on-campus attendance.

Interactive Live Video Courses
These courses use interactive live video to transmit the class from the main campus classroom to the classroom at the Education Center at Blue Island or the Southwest Education Center in Tinley Park. This format allows students at both locations to interact with each other and the instructor.

Course Descriptions
Descriptions include the course prefix and number, course title, course description with weekly contact hours, credit hours, pre- and/or co-requisites (if any), and department. Where appropriate, the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) code(s) are listed.

Pre-requisite—coursework must be successfully completed before enrolling in the designated class, often an introductory course.

Co-requisite—enroll in two designated courses during the same semester or may have previous credit in a particular course.

Consent of instructor—permission to enroll in course must be granted by the instructor.

IAI Code—meets the requirements of the Illinois Articulation Initiative. IAI codes ending in "D" are courses designed specifically to examine aspects of human diversity within the United States. IAI codes ending in "N" are courses designed specifically to examine aspects of human diversity from a non-U.S./non-European perspective.

Contact Hours—total contact hours per week for the lecture, lab and practicum components of a course.