2019-2020 Catalog

Code of Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity serves as the foundation to the learning process that enables the open exchange of ideas among students, faculty, staff, and administrators. We are committed to the values of Academic Integrity:

  • Honesty: deal truthfully in speech and action
  • Responsibility: be accountable to oneself and others
  • Integrity: adherence to a standard of values
  • Trust: mutual confidence in word and action
  • Fairness: consistent and equal treatment of individuals–free of favoritism
  • Respect: honor yourself and others

    (Adapted from the Center for Academic Integrity)

Students will uphold the Code of Academic Integrity by understanding the policies and expectations in each of their classes. Students will complete course assignments, exams, learning activities, and other assessments in ways that reflect the values of Academic Integrity and encourage others to do the same. Please refer to the Cheating and Plagiarism Policy.