2015-2017 Catalog

Transfer Majors

At Moraine Valley Community College, students can begin the first two years of study for virtually any bachelor’s degree program.

Moraine’s transfer degree programs in Associate in Arts (A.A.), and Associate in Science (A.S.), and Associate in Fine Arts (A.F.A.) will support a variety of college transfer majors. Each of these transfer degrees are a combination of core general education courses and designated major specific electives.

Students who already know where they will transfer and what major they will pursue can contact a Moraine Valley advisor in the Academic Advising Center who will assist them in obtaining detailed information needed to develop an appropriate education plan. One of the keys to success in transferring to a four-year college or university rests upon the ability of the students to carefully plan their course of study. With proper and guided planning students should encounter few difficulties with the transfer process.

Transfer students who have not decided on a major can select courses to explore interests and fulfill general education requirements. Undecided students are encouraged to make an appointment with a counselor in the Counseling and Career Development Center during their first semester to begin the process of exploring career possibilities and selecting a college major.

Advisors in the Academic Advising Center can assist undecided transfer students in developing a flexible educational plan that will apply to many different majors. Students can also access the Illinois Articulation Initiative Website iTransfer.org . This site provides information on selected transfer majors, under the topic of (IAI) Baccalaureate Majors’ Recommendation. Within the site, students can find various transfer course recommendations for baccalaureate majors. The site lists courses typically taken by freshman and sophomores pursuing a specific major. The courses recommended on the site are meant for students who are undecided about a transfer school. The IAI website at iTransfer.org in conjunction with the assistance from Moraine Valley’s academic advisors will ensure a smooth and successful transfer process.

Index for Sample Transfer Majors

Curriculum Code
A.A. A.S. A.F.A.
†Art 1425 X
Biological Sciences 1330 X
Business 1300 X
Chemistry 1330 X
Computer Science—Information Technology 1330 X
Computer Science—Technical 1330 X
Criminal Justice 1280 X
†Early Childhood Education 1280 X
†Elementary Education 1280 X
Engineering 1330 X
English 1280 X
History 1280 X
Mass Communication 1280 X
Mathematics 1330 X
Music 1426 X
Physics 1330 X
Political Science 1280 X
Psychology 1280 X
Sociology 1280 X
Special Education 1280 X
Technology 1330 X
Theater Arts 1280 X

† These majors are not IAI Baccalaureate Majors’ Recommendations. See specific transfer major page for details.