2017-2018 Catalog

ECE-107 Infant and Toddler Development

Studies patterns of growth, concepts, principles and theories of development for children from birth to toddlers. Examines needs of infants and toddlers in various childcare settings that are safe, developmentally and culturally appropriate. Skills will be developed to manage a safe environment indoors and outdoors while planning stimulating age appropriate activities that concentrate on all areas of development with particular attention to language development. Recognize atypical and typical development with infants and toddlers. Provide an understanding of good health and nutrition. Observe and document development and communicate findings, to inform programmatic decisions which will help a child develop a positive sense of self. Guide children with positive methods of discipline. Maintaining professionalism in practice with confidentiality and respect for families while continuing to develop one's own personal philosophy will be explored. Provide an engaging curriculum using senses for the child to explore and inquire. The development of curriculum that is driven by the needs of the individual, diverse child is examined. To maintain an understanding that the positive team relationship between parent, child, teachers, program and interdisciplinary agencies are in place for infants and toddlers. Summarize state guidelines that apply to infant/toddler care. (9 contact hours)




Social Science