2018-2019 Catalog


Moraine Valley’s courses meet a variety of students’ needs. Course descriptions are listed by prefix and include the course code, credit hours, course title, pre- and corequisites, content description, and weekly course contact hours. Where appropriate, the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) code(s) are listed following the weekly contact hours. Not all courses are offered every year. See the subdivision dean or the department chair for information on courses that are offered on a rotational basis.

Prerequisite—coursework must be completed before enrolling in the designated class, often an introductory course.

Corequisite—you are required to enroll in two designated courses during the same semester.

Consent of instructor—a course permission slip must be granted by the instructor.

IAI Code—meets the requirements of the Illinois Articulation Agreement.

Contact Hours—total contact hours per week for the lecture, lab and practicum components of the course.