2019-2020 Catalog

Notes for all Students Pursuing an A.A., A.S. or A.F.A.

Foreign Language— Only a few institutions require competence in a foreign or second language as part of their campus wide general education requirements. Instead, some colleges require competence in a single foreign language (through the third or fourth college semester, or three or four years in high school) for a Bachelor of Arts (but not a Bachelor of Science) degree. In other schools, competence in a single foreign language is a requirement imposed by an individual department (such as art history or international business) or by a college within the university (usually, a College of Arts and Sciences). Students planning to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree or a degree from a College of Arts and Sciences should be alerted to the probable need to complete a foreign language—and should complete their foreign language requirement before transfer.

Diversity Courses — Some baccalaureate institutions require a diversity course in their campus-wide or major specific general education requirements. Diversity courses approved through the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) are identified in courses examining human diversity from a non-U.S. /non-European perspective (IAI course code ending with "N") or courses examining human diversity within the United States (IAI course code ending with "D"). Students are encouraged to complete any diversity courses required by their intended transfer institution as part of their general education core at Moraine Valley.

Additional Graduation Requirements— refer to Graduation section.